Best Stay On Lipsticks

stay on lipstickMovies always show the ladies room full of women putting lipstick on, but the smartest women are still at the table with their dates. By choosing products that wear longer, or extend the wear of your favorite lip products, you get to spend less time touching up and more time enjoying your company while looking amazing. Using these beauty tricks will save you time and make your makeup less about maintaining the look and more about enjoying it.

Best Traditional Stay On Lipsticks

In the realm of traditional lipsticks, the best stay on lipstick is MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist Lipstick. These lipsticks have about 50 percent more pigment than other brands, which means that the color stays longer and it reads truer. If you have trouble finding a red lipstick that wears well, and actually looks red on your lips try their shade number 43. This shade in particular is a perfect red for any skin tone because the undertone is neutral. For extra oomph, apply it with a lip brush to get perfect edges and an even finish.

Another stay on lipstick is the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur. This lipstick uses a translucent base, which means there is only the clear base to the lipstick and the pigments that make it colored. By using a clear base, the color is truer and the product wears longer. This lipstick formula also feels very moisturizing and lightweight.

For a great option that you can find at big box and drug stores, go to Infallible Lip Color by L’Oreal. This stay on lipstick really delivers and gets phenomenal reviews from users.

Best Lip Stains

So many people have had a tough time finding a stay on lipstick so they have moved along to try other formulas. This is why lip stains are very popular, and the color range and varying formulas make it so there is a shade for everyone. Best options in this family to get a perfect alternative to stay on lipstick include the Stila Lip & Cheek Stain, the Josie Maran Magic Marker, and the tarte LipSurgence natural lip stain. All of these options wear well, give good doses of color and offer a decent range of shades.

Best Add-Ons to Make Lipstick Stay On Longer

Too Faced cosmetics is known for their eye shadow primers and now the same can be said of their lip primer. Lip Insurance Lip Primeris the brand’s answer to making lipstick stay on longer. The product applies with a lip wand, also known as a doe foot applicator, like a lip-gloss. Once it dries down a bit, put your lipstick right over the top and it acts like a magnet, just as the eye version does.

The best thing about stay on lipstick products on the market is that you have tons of options. With this many choices it might take you a while, but you will definitely find something that works well for you.

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