Can Shellac and Gelish Be Used Together?

With the popularity of CND Shellac and Hand and Nail Harmony’s Gelish products many people are left wondering, “can I use Shellac and Gelish together?” The answer is not as clear as you might think, though. Learn how you can mix and match and why you might not want to. Plus, get some beauty tips on how to take care of your manicure and make sure it lasts as long as possible.

Yes, You Can Mix Shellac and Gelish

Shellac by CND and Gelish by Hand and Nail Harmony are two separately formulated products that are similar in nature. They are both versions of a gel polish manicure with slight differences in application and removal. Both products wear similarly and they can be used together, though there is no formal direction on how to mix the products from either of the companies. Without guidelines on how to use the products together it is challenging to figure out the best way to use Shellac and Gelish together.  One way to mix and match the two is to use the Shellac base and top coats with Gelish color coats, or one Gelish color coat, then another Shellac color coat over the top to customize the color you end up with.

Why You Might Not Want to Mix Shellac and Gelish

Shellac by CND has “tiny tunnels” in the product once it applied and cured per CND specifications. The tiny tunnels allow the CND Solar Oil to penetrate the Shellac, reaching the nail surface and keeping it hydrated and nourished. Gelish does not have these “tiny tunnels” and mixing the brands makes it harder to keep your nails healthy and strong underneath the gel polish. The other challenge in mixing these two brands comes in when you apply and remove the product. Gelish requires that you buff the natural nail before application and then break the top seal of the polish before removal. These processes have potential to damage the nail depending on the technique used by your nail technician.

How to Keep Your Shellac or Gelish Manicure in Great Shape

The most important tip to keep in mind whether you have a Gelish, Shellac or mixed manicure, is that fingernails are not tools. They are not meant to open packages, dig out seeds from fruits and veggies or to replace any other sort of tool. Whether you are using all Shellac or not, the CND Solar Oil is a great way to keep your nails and cuticles healthy and strong. Solar Oil is a product that has been around for many years and is recognized as one of the best types of oil to nourish your nails because the size of the molecule is small enough to penetrate the nail surface. Many types of oils advertised for nail or cuticle care have larger molecules and cannot properly penetrate the nail surface to hydrate the nail. Wearing gloves while cleaning or submersing your hands in water is the other way to protect your Gelish or Shellac manicure.

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