Does Shellac Really Last for 14 Days?

Look at all the outgrowth of the nail!

You are probably wondering “Does Shellac really last two weeks?” and in a word, the answer is YES! This product, if applied correctly and cared for, lasts for two full weeks. Don’t believe it? Look at the photo, it was taken 19 days after the Shellac was applied. Do you see wear and tear? Do you see chipping? Do you see dullness? No, you do not see any of that because Shellac really does last 14 or more days. Here are some tips to make sure your Shellac lasts you at least two weeks and maybe even more.


Tip #1

If you want your nails strong and healthy with a beautiful Shellac by CND finish, make sure you start with a reputable nail technician who has known and used Shellac for quite some time. Technicians that don’t use Shellac often, or technicians who were not trained correctly, may apply the product wrong which can sacrifice your 14 day manicure.

Tip #2

Solar Oil by CND has been around much longer than Shellac but it is key to the Shellac product. The Solar Oil keeps your nails hydrated, and penetrates through the Shellac because there are tiny little tunnels in the Shellac that allow the oil to get through. Other oils are not the same, because the molecular build of the Solar Oil is super small. The smaller molecules can penetrate some surfaces other oils cannot. Solar Oil goes on twice a day.

Tip #3

Love your Shellac look? Then treat it as if you love it! Your nails should be cared for, so don’t bite them or use them as tools. Care for your nails and they will look great well past the 14-day mark.

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