How to Make Lipstick Stay On Longer

Even long wearing lipsticks will not stay on as long as you might hope. By using a few simple beauty tricks and preparing your lips and working with the product you have chosen you will find more success. So, grab your favorite longwearing lip color and get ready to make it perform even better.

Prep the Lips

To keep lipstick on longer you need to make sure you have a healthy and smooth lip surface. To prep the lips for lipstick, first make sure the lips do not have any dried or hanging skin anywhere. To make sure any flakiness is gone use a lip scrub. The lip scrub from Fresh or the one from Korres will hydrate the lips will exfoliating away any dead skin. Once the dead skin cells are swept away if your lips need extra hydration apply a light layer of a hydrating lip balm like the Josie Maran Lip Treatment or any lip balm that has healthy oils and butters to hydrate the lips. For a light lip look, you can use lip butter with a tint to it and be done.

Create a Border

Lip liner is the traditional way to create a border to keep your lipstick in place, but you can also use clear lip liner pencils to do the trick. There are several on the market that work well including the DuWop Reverse Lip Liner, the Borderline pencil by Too Faced and the Ozone lip pencil by Urban Decay. These pencils are mostly wax which creates a great invisible border so your lipstick has less chance of feathering or moving away from the lips when you do not want it to.

Apply Color Densely, but Evenly

The easiest way to apply lip color densely but evenly is with an appropriate lip brush. There are many good lip brushes on the market so you can choose based on your own personal preference. Retractable lip brushes are handy for when you do feel the need to touch up, though using them in general will help minimize the need for touching up throughout the day. To make sure you get a dense layer of color apply your lipstick all over making sure you get a strong and even lip line. Once this first layer is down, apply another layer but pat it in making sure it blends together with the initial layer of color. This increases the color density of the lipstick. If you want even more color density then add one more round of color in the same way. Make sure you do not forget to keep the color even into the outside edges of your mouth and the inside portions of your lips.

Avoid Too Much Wear on your Lipstick

Simple things like using a straw to drink out of and not pursing your lips throughout the day can help keep your lipstick on and even. Another lipstick beauty trick is to make sure you keep your lips together, but lightly. Pressing your lips together too hard wears the inside portion of your lip color away quickly. Keeping lips apart all the time can lead to light breathing through your mouth, which then dries out the lipstick as the air passes over it when you breathe. Dried out lipstick looks uneven and wears quicker than normal moist lipstick.

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