Protein Filler for Hair

If you have ever wished for a product that would help repair your damaged hair and make it look vibrant and healthy, protein filler is it. This product allows your hair color to shine truer, longer and makes your hair smoother and less damaged. One product that does all this deserves some attention.

What is Protein Filler?

Protein filler for hair is a product that repairs the bonds in the hair. Excessive chemical treatments like coloring and perming damage the bonds in the hair over time and make the porosity of the hair uneven. This type of product fills in those weak areas in the hair shaft and seals them down to make them stronger and more healthy overall.

Why Should You Use Protein Filler?

Your hair can benefit from protein filler if you color it or regularly heat style it. If you perm your hair and color it, protein filler is great at strengthening the hair and bringing it back to a more normal and less-damaged state. If your hair color fades quickly, or looks less vibrant on the ends of your hair where the hair shaft is more damaged then protein filler is for you.

Hair Color and Protein Filler

Protein filler is available either in colors or in a neutral shade. If you are planning to color your hair at home, one way to make sure the color applies evenly and stays vibrant is to use appropriate protein filler just before you color your hair. Following the package directions, you simply put some of the filler on your hair, work it into the entire hair shaft from roots to ends, and then apply your hair color normally over the top of it. Wear gloves while applying the protein filler, and change out those gloves before applying your hair color. Follow the directions provided on the hair color and when you rinse it out make sure you rinse thoroughly. The protein filler will not rinse out, but if you do not rinse the hair color thoroughly it can sit even longer and still create an uneven look.

If you cannot find protein filler in the right color for your hair, select the neutral version. This way you are protecting your hair, but not interfering with the overall hair color.

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