Product Review: Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick

By Skye McKiernan

What is it:

ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick, the brand’s new stay on lipstick, offers “one-step fool-proof color” that stays “up to 24 hours.” There are 20 shades to choose from and the product is at Target, WalMart, CVS, and other similar stores.

Where is it intended to be used:

This lip color is only for use on the lips. Unlike many longwearing lip colors on the market, ColorStay Ultimate is not intended for use on the cheeks in addition to the lips.

How does it work:

Revlon says that the proprietary ColorStay technology is what makes this product last.

Who is the product good for:

If you have a hard time finding a good stay on lipstick this product is geared towards you. Most people who have an exceptionally hard time keeping lip color need to try multiple products before finding one that works well.

How do you use it:

This liquid lipstick goes on with a lip-gloss type applicator sometimes referred to as a “doe foot.” The product is a true liquid lipstick with decent color density. You can use this product with or without lip liner.

Personal Experience:

I was taking one of my typical strolls through the aisles of Target and my eyes were drawn to the labeling of this product. Who doesn’t want a lipstick that will wear all day and by advertising up to 24-hour wear Revlon really meant all day.

I put ColorStay Ultimate to the test with one of my longest days, a full 16 hours out and about. For the first three to four hours color was consistent and didn’t seem to feather or wear. At the four hour mark I had lunch and the inside section of the liquid lipstick seemed to be eaten away. Throughout the following 12 hours, the color remaining became less and less. At the end of my day there was still some color remaining around the edge of my lips.

The texture of this liquid lipstick was a bit sticky or tacky. When I pressed my lips together they felt a bit like packing tape that has been dulled down through use. The texture was not horrible, nor was it pleasant.

I would classify my own propensity to keep lipstick on as average. When I use a liner as well as a lipstick I can consistently get six hours of wear out of the look. Lipstick is less and glosses are even less than lipstick. Given that I wear lipstick normally, I personally expected a bit more out of a product that promised up to 24 hours of wear. Everyone is different though, so feel free to try your luck with the ColorStay Ultimate, just buy it from a retailer that allows returns in case you don’t fall in love with it.

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