Shellac Fingernail Polish – Troubleshooting

shellac for nailsShellac fingernail polish by CND is a revolutionary product that applies and removes easily and wears for 14+ days with a high-shine, chip-free finish. Like every new trend and hot product, though, it has its challenges and you can find Shellac reviews that are less than favorable. The good news for you Shellac lovers and those hesitant to pay the higher price for Shellac, is the challenges are easy to address. Often the solution is as simple as good nail care and maintenance.

Using Licensed Trained Technicians

Because Shellac for nails by CND is a specialty product, there is a very specific way it needs to be applied. If the process isn’t followed it can make the Shellac not wear as well, peel or even come completely off. And just because a technician is licensed in your state and has the Shellac by CND product, doesn’t mean they know the specific steps in applying the product for optimal wear. To find out if your technician has been trained specifically in using and apply Shellac products, ask. Usually your technician will be happy to explain the training she received, as it is an important part of staying on top of trends in the beauty service industry. Finding well trained technicians is a beauty trick that serves you well, not only in nail care, but in other beauty-focused areas.

Household Cleaners

Cleaning products and their ingredients that are more than 20 letters long aren’t always good for us, even if they make your kitchen counter beautiful. Those hard-to-pronounce ingredients can also wreak havoc on your Shellac for nails by CND manicure. The simplest fixes are often the best, so grab a pair of gloves from under the sink, or the cleaning product aisle at your local supercenter and protect your gorgeous nails when you’re hard at working keeping your home spic-n-span.

Water Damage

If you are in a profession where your hands are immersed in water for significant portions of the day, Shellac will be harder to keep on your nails. Because of its special formula, Shellac allows hydration to get to the nail while it is on. This means either healthy hydration like Solar Oil by CND, or water, or other liquids with small enough molecules to make it through the microscopic tunnels in the polish. If water gets to the nail too often, or for too long, it will swell the nail temporarily leading to the nail deflating like an overfull balloon. The excessive amount of swelling and shrinking of the nail itself can make the Shellac flex more than it is designed to and lead to lifting or peeling of the Shellac fingernail polish. Just like the solution with the household cleaners, gloves are a great option to not only protect your manicure, but the skin of your hands as well.

Solar Oil

Solar Oil by CND is a product that helps maintain the look and flexibility of your Shellac fingernail polish. The molecules in the oil are so small that they can penetrate through the “tiny tunnels” in the product and allow the nail bed to stay hydrated. If your technician doesn’t automatically give you a small bottle at your first Shellac manicure, ask for one. It should be less than $10 for a small bottle and will give you enough to maintain your initial manicure, and one or two more. Solar Oil should be applied twice a day. Rub it into the nail so the entire nail is massaged with the oil. It only takes a couple seconds to make sure the oil is distributed, then you’re ready to move on with your day. If your technician removes your Shellac and you can see white spots on your nail, this is a sign your nails aren’t hydrated enough and you should use your Solar Oil more consistently.

Just like any product, there may be a few people whose lifestyle doesn’t allow them to maintain a Shellac fingernail polish manicure. However, most Shellac reviews are more than positive.  Make sure you have a trained technician who is following all the CND procedures and take care of your nails and you’ll be enjoying your 14+ day manicure in no time. These beauty tricks are simple to follow and will keep your manicure from wearing before it is time.

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