Shellac for Nails: Get Creative with Your Colors

shellac for nailsShellac for nails is a new fusion nail polish that combines traditional polish with gel nail polish, allowing it to wear exceptionally well and maintain a high shine finish chip-free for up to two weeks.

Anytime there is a new beauty trend like this one, the issue becomes working within the offered color range. At first glance it appears Shellac has a rather limited color offering, having started with just 12 shades, then expanding to 30. Thirty shades may be plenty for the polish regular, but it can be considered stifling for polish enthusiasts who love having variety literally at their fingertips.

The innovative minds at Creative Nail Design (CND) created Shellac in a way that you can layer any and all of the colors offered. By doing so you create a plethora of options for even the most forward-thinking fashionista. When creating looks like these remember to cure each layer of color separately with the CND lamp.

Here are a few combinations to try out:

Edgy Look (shown in photo)
Start with an all over layer of either Moonlight and Roses (used in photo) or other light color like Cream Puff or Strawberry Smoothie. Edge tips of nail in an uneven way with Black Pool. Finally, use one of the red shades of Shellac by CND like Hollywood, Wildfire or Hot Chilis and tip the colors on the border between the Black Pool and the Moonlight and Roses. When doing this, do not attempt for perfection, and make sure to get some overlap on to the Black Pool. Most of the red shade will show up on the Moonlight and Roses, but the overlap is what makes the look so fun and edgy.

Trendy/Flashy Look
Start with an opaque Black Pool, then, add a shade that has iridescence to it, such as Iced Coral or Mother of Pearl. When layering Iced Coral over Black Pool you get a flashy turquoise look that is nice and dense so you cannot see the nail bed through the polish. When using Mother of Pearl you get a lighter version of the same iridescence without the green hue.

Spring Nail Colors
For a great springy look, apply the shade Tropix first, then layer Iced Coral over the top. This creates a stunning coral hue perfect for spring or summer with a hint of green iridescence to make it just a bit more fun and funky.

Holiday Look
For a great holiday look, take a classic red shade like Red Baroness, then layer over the top with something a bit lighter like the pale pink Romantique. This softens the overall look, while remaining in a very “holiday” vein.

Classic Look
For a true white nail without the harshness of many traditional white polishes you can have Cream Puff applied with Mother of Pearl over. The reflection from Mother of Pearl creates the soft effect keeping the look trendy, but not harsh.

Add Some Glitter
One other fun trick is to layer glitter over any color available, a flashy gold glitter over the classic dark color Fedora makes a very sparkly statement! You can also just put glitter on the tips, or the base of the nail to cater more specifically to your style.

If you like the idea of layering colors to create an individual masterpiece, call your Shellac nail technician and inquire how often that tech layers the colors. Any nail technician using Shellac will be listed on the CND website, though not every technician has more than the most popular colors or has experience with layering.

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