Shellac Nail Art: Spider Webs

Fun nail art is not just for acrylics and regular polish. Shellac by CND allows you to play with layering colors, nail art and other fun looks. Partner with your nail technician and think of new crazy looks to create that highlight your personality and your manicure all at the same time. Of course, never forget your Solar Oil to keep the manicure perfect and your nails healthy and strong.

First Color Coat

In the photos, you will notice that only a few of the nails have the art on them. To achieve this look, you will mix up your first coats of color. Nails that will not have the nail art on only get the primary color, Asphalt by Shellac. Nails that will have the nail art on them first get a coat of the white shade, Cream Puff. This way, the Cream Puff will show through when you carve out your design. Cure this coat normally.

Second Color Coat

Asphalt is the second coat of color. It covers up the Cream Puff so it shines through after carving out the design. Make sure the coat of Asphalt is dense over the Cream Puff, otherwise it can distract from the overall look of the nail art. Do not cure this coat of color until after the carving is completed.


Any tool with a point can be a carving tool. This nail technician used the pointy end of a small crochet hook. Other tools that you can use include the tip of a makeup brush, the tip of a pencil, or anything else you think will carve, without damaging the polish layer underneath. To carve a look similar to this one, you simply draw and X on the nail then a straight line vertically through the X. Next, you carve out slightly curved lines between each segment of the lines created by the X and the line through it. Anyone can achieve this simple look.

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