Simple Makeup Tips: Color Correction

If you have ever wondered what the green and purple colored items were at the makeup store, you are not alone. These colors are tools used to neutralize unwanted shades of color on your face. This makeup artistry tool is a makeup tip that seems intimidating but is actually simple to use on a daily basis to put your best face forward.

Color Wheel Theory

Color correction allows you to neutralize one color that you do not want by applying a different color over it. Select a color on the color wheel that represents the color you are trying to conceal or remove and then use a product with the color that is directly opposite on the color wheel. The opposite color on the color wheel will neutralize the initial color.

Colors that Neutralize Common Skin Concerns

Green is most commonly used color for correcting uneven skin tones. Green pigments will neutralize redness from flushing, visible capillaries, scarring and acne. Another common color used is yellow to neutralize purple hues typically found under the eyes. If under eye darkness appears purple hued, it is best to use more peach or orange tones to neutralize them. Yellow tones are also best to help with concealing sunspots and brown-hued melasma.

Products that Provide Color Correction

Color correction is a makeup artistry tool that professionals have used for decades. Many products on the market provide color correction including concealers and under eye creams. Those are both good options if you want to address smaller areas, though if you want one quick overall step to help even out your entire skin tone tinted primers are optimal choices. Best sellers include Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, Fusion Beauty Prime Results Primers and the Stila One Step Correct Primer.

Once you have determined exactly what shades you are trying to cover up, grab another shade that is opposite on the color wheel. This way you will not look concealed instead your skin will look naturally fresh and even. Color correction is a simple makeup tip to avoid looking like you caked on layers and layers of makeup.

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