Which Gel Polish is the Best?

Best Gel Polish

Orly GelFX in Plum Noir with Prisma Silver on Top

By Skye McKiernan

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Shellac, Gelish, Gel Color, Axxium, GelFX, and more. With all the gel polish options available how do you know which product is the best gel polish of the batch? Here at Skye’s Beauty Tricks we have collaborated with a professional nail technician to try them all. There is a clear winner among all the options and the winner may be a product you haven’t even heard of. And yes, it’s better than Shellac, better than Gelish and better than Axxium or Gel Color.

Comparing the Options, The True Winner Is…

Orly’s GelFX gel polish hybrid is hands down the best of the best when it comes to gel polishes. The odd part of this is that GelFX is one of the least well-known options and nail technicians that use it are rare. Here are just a few of the reasons why Orly GelFX is the best gel polish available.

Top Coat that Lasts with Shine that Beats All

I compare and contrast the top trends in gel polishes, and in doing so I recently took the two best performing top coats and put them to the test head to head. I wore the Orly GelFX top coat on one hand, while I had the OPI Gel Color top coat on the other. The OPI top coat gets rave reviews for lasting longer that most competitors, but in my experience the two top coats lasted equally as well. GelFX is the winner of this comparison though because from the time of application, to the time of removal it was much shinier than the OPI Gel Color top coat. The OPI product seemed to actually dull the nail color underneath, while the GelFX almost put a clear spotlight on the color allowing the color to stand strong all on its own.

While Other Gel Polishes Dry the Nails, GelFX Does Not

Continuous use of gel polishes like Shellac or OPI Gel Color can lead to dryness of the nail underneath. Because many women who wear gel polishes are careful to visit their nail technician to keep their nails looking pristine have these products on their nails for months on end, the nails underneath have to be watched carefully for dryness. The nail technician I visit almost exclusively applies gel polish, though she uses a variety of brands. In her experience, the clients who wear OPI Gel Color for just four to six weeks start to see dryness of the nail. Those clients who wear Shellac for six to 12 weeks continuously see nail dryness, especially if those clients do not use the CND Solar Oil twice a day as recommended by the brand.

Extensive Wear, Up to Four Weeks for Some Users

While Shellac and Gelish are typically said to last for two weeks, some users would stretch the wear out to three weeks. Around day 19 it is common to see the Shellac or Gelish polishes lift off the nail bed and then tear if caught on something. With GelFX, the typical wear is more like three weeks with chipping and lifting not occurring until well into the third week for most users. This means you can stretch out your time between visits to the salon and save money.

Acetone Resistant Top Coat Means You Can Change Polishes

The top coat from Orly is special because it resists acetone. To remove the product, the nail technician must buff the product then apply acetone soaked cotton balls or other removers. Because the top coat is acetone resistant, you can apply another polish over the top of your GelFX manicure, and then remove the polish the next day when you get a chip in your normal nail polish. Removing the regular nail polish from over your GelFX will not sacrifice your gel polish manicure. Even better, the brand launched colors in the GelFX line that match the colors in the main line, so you can cover up your gel polish outgrowth with standard polish from the same exact line.

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